Vehicle Monitoring

OmniFleetTrax is a commercial fleet, personnel and asset telemetry solution built on a highly customizable platform to meet your unique needs.

  • Location Tracking with Geofences and Landmarks
  • Fleet and Workforce Dispatch
  • Personnel Tracking and Workforce Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance Monitoring
  • Integrated Vehicle Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
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Building Monitoring

The indoor monitoring solution is an integrated smart IOT building solution. This solution is compatible with other OmniFleetTrax solutions.

  • Building Security
  • Indoor/Outdoor Gunshot Detection
  • Flexible Inputs and Outputs for User Selectable Sensors
  • Door Lock and Barricade Connectivity
  • Multimedia Connectivity
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Personnel Monitoring

OmniResponse is a state of the art personnel tracking solution providing users safer workforce management.

  • Personnel Tracking and Workforce Management
  • Mobile Gunshot Detection
  • Configurable Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Safety Monitoring: Man-down, Impact and Check-In
  • Live Video Integration
  • Phone Application, Android OS
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Solution Features

We offer end-to-end software solutions for businesses looking to automate and optimize business operations.

Shot Detection

Our shot detection technology provides the most reliable and fastest detection available in the marketplace today. The OmniResponse Detection System has both stationary and mobile functionality and works indoors and outdoors. The system provides immediate location notification to security command centers and works seamlessly with our other solutions for a comprehensive security solution.

Personnel Tracking

The OmniResponse Detection System tracks your most valuable asset: your personnel. Features include; location, impact, orientation (i.e., standing up, laying down), man-down, panic and shot detection. Real-time information on the location and movement of personnel. Our system is the complete solution for improved personnel safety, workforce management and enhanced operational efficiency for your organization.

Data Communication

Our system runs on all cellular networks worldwide. Have your own cellular plan? No problem, we can work with you to build a service that works for you and your wallet.

Driver Safety & Accountability

With 25 + years experience in telemetry technology we have created advanced solutions to keep your drivers safe, accountable and efficient. Our platform is flexible to meet your exact needs so tracking can be effective, but not overbearing and burdensome to drivers. We work with all vehicles and machinery, so you keep all your assets just a click away.

Billing & Service Call Tracking

With dispatch and work order tools you can ensure the right person, right vehicle and right customer is serviced at the right time. Have your own tools? No problem. Based on your needs and input, we will integrate as much or as little of our platform to your own software programs.

Safe, Compliant & Accurate

We understand that your data is important to your operations. That is why we store it in Department of Defense compliant data storage facilities. We also provide for redundant back-ups and secure data transfer.

Integration & Customization

OmniFleetTrax delivers a set of features customized for any school or university and can integrate its telemetry technology with each institution’s existing hardware, software and employee training protocols, minimizing start up and operational costs.

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